About Us

13 Years of Innovation
Located in Orlando, Florida, Street Legal Products manufactures specialized cleaners and coatings for both business-to-business and consumer applications. Our company has enjoyed a history of innovation and accomplishment, often against difficult odds. There comes the Original icon, which means “Original Formula” from the past. On January 2, 2001, Mr. Orlando Rodriguez opens C&J Car Products Inc. with the brand “Angel Guard”, The first Product were Tire Shine, Multi-Purpose Cleaner, and Carwash.  In merely 2 years the “Angel Guard” Brand Was #1 in Puerto Rico outselling the best brands from the U.S.A. The product line used to consists of 9 products that were packed 14 different ways. In May 2006 Mr. Orlando Rodriguez decides to sell the brand name “Angel Guard” in USA, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Now 6 years later and the decline in the industry of having the best quality in car care and cleaning solutions Tropical USA Corp was Founded by Mr. Orlando Rodriguez and Mr. Ricardo Casiano and a NEW Brand is Born “The Original”. With the same focus and determination that dictated the success of the “Angel Guard” brand almost a decade ago,  Street Legal Products will establish the “The Original” Brand in the world with these new introductions  “The Original: All in One”, “The Original: Car Wash”, “The Original: Degreaser” and The Best Tire Shine in the World! “The Original: Wet”. Today, pursuing a mission to help customers “save time, increase productivity, and improve the quality of their work”. Street Legal Products formulates more than 20 solutions that are packaged in aerosol cans and larger bulk-liquid containers. Professional auto detailers, collectors, and enthusiasts use Street Legal Products car care products to clean, shine, and protect their favorite vehicles, from Fords to Ferraris. Exceed Customer Expectations Street Legal Products strategy is to accurately target and acquire customers and then keep them for a lifetime with world-class service. Some services that Street Legal Products customers enjoy include fast shipping of orders, a money-back guarantee, volume price discounts, low priced sample kits, and free expert advice and technical support. Innovative Marketing Within their respective markets, Street Legal products are easily recognized by bright, colorful packaging and memorable, trademarked brand names such as The Ultimate Wet Street Legal Tire Shine. Street Legal Products are marketed using direct mail, catalogs, magazine advertising, and telephone or face-to-face selling. Promotional offers encourage new prospects to try Street Legal Products. Using internet technology, Street Legal Products has an e-commerce website for key market segments as well as for individual product brands.

Street Legal Products 1440 Gemini Blvd. Unit 6 Orlando, Florida 32837 Phone: 407-826-5136